Target, Schmarget

I know I’m not the only one to always here about how great Target is.  Supposedly it’s a magical place full of endless treasures and sucks both your soul and your money from you.  I hear that it’s a welcomed vacation for mothers, a reprieve for anyone looking to get lost in unneeded items, and a trove of anything you could desire.  


But that’s all it is for me; hearsay.  Please don’t come at me with guns blazing, but I must confess that I just don’t get the hype.  I hardly ever venture into any storefronts, let alone Target.  Target is usually a planned errand for me with a specific list.  In fact, I have been in one of these so-called meccas three times in over four months, with all three occasions semi forced upon me.


Incident 1- July 15th

My daughter had her birthday party the day before and my brother gave her the perfect gift.  The only hiccup was that she already had it, and with it being a bit on the pricier end, I gently nudged her to consider exchanging it for something different.  She and I headed to Target to exchange her cat.  Big surprise here, but she exchanged it for the same cat in a different color along with the third version she now has of those animals that have baby animals that you can rip out of their stomach. 

I promptly broke the cat’s tail upon opening the package, but she wasn’t upset because I did this with the original version too, so she’s never known that it’s supposed to move.


I knew I needed a couple of other non-critical items, so I grabbed those while we were out.  The total list included: exchange birthday gift, laundry baskets, Band-Aids, and thank you notes.  Here is what we left with…



I will admit that I grabbed bananas, despite them not being on my list.  Target did get me with the strategic placement of them and Leilani had been telling me throughout the store that she was hungry.  Plus, everyone knows that there’s never a bad time for a bananaphone.



Incident 2- September 3rd

My husband took us on the longest detour ever to travel to my parents’ summer house and my son had to use the bathroom along the way.  We stopped at Target to take him because I had been wanted to get a DVD for my mom and it was in direct route.  We left Target with empty bladders, the DVD, and two sand buckets.  While these weren’t necessarily intended, they cannot be classified as an impulse buy.  Somehow the majority of my kids’ buckets were broken this summer and I had it in the back of my mind to pick up buckets on clearance at the end of the season.  Voila!  The opportunity presented itself perfectly.


Incident 3- October 31st

My son’s birthday party was three weeks prior.  He received one LEGO set that he already owned and made the decision that he’d like to exchange it for something else.  I hadn’t gone to Target or had a chance to make a specific trip with him, so this errand kept getting pushed off.  The day prior to Target trip #3, I realized my family wasn’t going to have time to carve pumpkins this year.  Being the attentive mother I am, I did not want to fully disappoint my children.  I accessed my memory bank and recalled my most notorious Target-loving friend getting some easy pumpkin decorations the year prior at the famous dollar spot.  Wednesday morning, I acquired my kid and my friend’s kid and took a quick trip to Target while I was in the area with an hour to kill.  My laser beam sites were set on returning the LEGO set so I can come with my son another day to pick something out and to purchase easy pumpkin decorating kits.

The cuteness factor of two preschoolers shopping together might be enough to convince me to venture on a fourth Target trip in the near future.


I think it’s worth mentioning that the pumpkin kits were NOT in the dollar spot.  Instead, I had to scour aisles upon aisles of Halloween decorations before I finally stumbled upon the hidden pumpkin decorating kits.  At last, we got what we went in for and even had some fun too.




Well, I thought we had fun.  But as we loaded back into the car, I was informed that I was “being mean today” because I didn’t let my bonus child get anything at the store.  Whoops.  It appears I don’t know how to engage in proper Target etiquette and I got called out by an almost four-year-old. 

The good news is that my kids didn’t seem phased at all that they didn’t get to carve pumpkins.  The bad news is that the kits I bought required me to peel roughly six thousand miniature sticker pieces that were obviously why the kits were aged for five years and up.  Buuuut, the other good news is that my son was excited to learn that he could smash more pumpkins pre-Halloween festivities.



So, there you have it.  My complete chronicle of Target adventures over the past few months.  Feel free to enlighten me and convince me that Target is some sacred place and I’m missing out.  I truly don’t get it. 



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