Livin’ that Bucket List Life

Most people who have bucket lists have well-thought of things they would like to do or accomplish.  Not surprisingly, I don’t fall into this category.  I have had a couple of bucket list items, most of which are so unsubstantial that I ultimately end up forgetting what they were.  There are a couple, however, that really stand out, and two that I fulfilled in August!


Ever since I can remember, I have had a life goal of getting very drunk and singing karaoke in public.  Live large, right?  The karaoke part was contingent on the alcohol consumption part; I may be outgoing, but I am the world’s worst singer, and well aware of it.  When my thirtieth birthday passed last year without any real acknowledgement of it from my husband, I thought this bucket list item ship had sailed.  But then this year he had a friend of mine on his side, and it all came together!  They said we were getting together, but instead kidnapped me and drove me to a sketchy bar forty-five minutes away and surprised me with some of the greatest people I know who came to see my dream come to fruition.


Kidnapped and on the way!  You’re welcome for the photo, Emily.



I’m still not sure who had more fun, my husband or myself, and I can’t make an accurate assessment because my memories of the night are very far and few between.




I do know that this was one of my longest wishes and it was nothing short of amazing.  I was surrounded by people I love who were willing to risk their lives for me in a sketchy place and the cream of the crop friends who were willing to take care of some situations that definitely top my college experiences. 


With that bucket list item officially checked off, I was able to focus on a more typical, worthy item.  In 2014 I decided I should do some sort of exercise, so I began the Couch to 5k program and decided I’d do a 5k.  While I did finish three 5ks that summer, I didn’t run them.  I came in second to last walking the first one (go me?) and did a walk/jog for the remaining two.  I abandoned the training program a couple of weeks in and it soon became clear that I had no intention of running a 5k and only completed three that summer because I was preregistered and had paid for them.  Plus, you got a “free” t-shirt for each one.  And if there’s a free t-shirt, you can safely assume I will be involved in an event.


In 2015 I had this novel and creative idea that I should incorporate some exercise into my life.  Without knowing where to turn, I started the Couch to 5k program again.  After three “runs” over fifteen days, that exercise journey came to a halt.


According to my Couch to 5k app, I decided exercise would be a good idea in 2016 as well.  I figured I could start the program and run a 5k that summer.  This attempt I made it to a whopping seven runs (equivalent to two weeks and one day).  I don’t know why I stopped, but it’s safe to say that I wasn’t motivated and that I hate running.


In 2017 my brother and I discussed running a 5k together.  We would keep each other motivated, train together sometimes, register for a 5k, and get this thing done!  But, apparently, I knew myself better than that because I went for zero runs and engaged in zero exercise activities in 2017.  Clearly, I am not cut out for a fit lifestyle and lack intrinsic motivation.  Heck, the prospect of a free t-shirt wasn’t even enough to propel me into a false sense of fitness. 


So here we are in 2018.  With a bit of social motivation, I committed to doing something.  I followed through primarily because it was prepaid (I sense a theme) and because a friend forced me to do it with her (peer pressure is real).  There was a whole slew of events and people who are responsible for the journey that followed.  I was running on a schedule and that tapered off.  However, I had registered for a 5k with a friend, had paid, and would be receiving a t-shirt, so there was no backing out.  Ultimately, I completed a 5k in August! 


I was incredibly slow, but I did fulfill my goal of jogging the entire 5k, save the giant flight of eight million stairs in the middle.  I know that a 5k isn’t an accomplishment for most people, but it was a long time coming for me and was the first goal that I had stuck to in a very long time and might be the first fitness/ exercise related goal I have ever obtained.  I am also proud to say that although I have not run a wink since, I have continued to go to the gym six days a week.  At least there’s that.


So, what’s next?  What else can I check off my bucket list?  Well, the only remaining item that I can remember is “take an uber”.  It seems attainable, so let’s see if I can start and finish my bucket list in 2018.



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