Welcome! I’m Tiffany Moroch and I guess this is now going to be my blog full of mediocre things. I’m a stay at home mom to two (sometimes) amazing children: Carson (56 months) and Leilani (35 months. Their ages will make sense if you know me or stick around long enough to follow the Moroch journey. Before I get into anything supposedly blog-worthy, I want to set the record straight. If you are here expecting Pinterest worthy crafts and how “you too!” can create them with spending a measly $27 at the dollar store, a day running errands with your kids to get supplies, a morning arguing with your kids trying to convince them they will have fun, and then an afternoon watching your $27 and frustration wither away as you witness your kids create a pile of glop, well, hate to break it to you, but you’re in the wrong place. If you’re here expecting DSLR quality photos of my happy kids with a perfect real-life rainbow as a backdrop, you’re also in the wrong spot. If you want to read about a mom who is completely smitten with her life and travels flawlessly both with her spouse and alone with her kids, then you probably want to be spending your time reading a different blog. While I’m at it, I should probably be honest with you; my yard doesn’t have a white picket fence. In fact, the only fence it has is the one that technically belongs to a neighbor (installed prior to our family moving in, thank you very much). If you’re willing to settle for photos from my average, run of the mill, iPhone of our adventures that may include some coercing for a smile, then I welcome you will open arms. If you want to commiserate with a mom who yells too much, spends slightly more than average on kids’ clothing, likes to be on the go and discover new adventures, plans to take monthly photos of her kids until their eighteenth birthdays, who enjoys Bavarian pretzels and lava cake with friends more than a gym sesh (is that what the cool kids say these days?), and overuses commas and parenthesis, then welcome! I am excited to begin this journey and invite those of you who don’t have high expectations or judgy eyes along for the ride to experience Moroch: Party of Boring.

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